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Here's My Experience As a Maths and Science Teacher, Tutor and Mentor


As a private tutor based in Central London, I have been teaching physics, chemistry, biology, maths and further maths at all academic levels for the past twelve years: this includes primary, 11+, 13+, GCSE, iGCSE, AS, A-Level, IB and degree level (biology). 


I have taught at two London schools, Hampstead Fine Arts College and Campbell Harris Independent College, and I have tutored over 180 private students aged 11-18, and some mature students.


I also do home-schooling and mentoring, and I coach students on exam preparation, study skills, university entry, interview technique and psychometric testing. I have worked with students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, discalculia, ADHD, anxiety & emotional issues.


I specialise in using creative analogies to help visualise and explain complex scientific concepts - whether it’s making models of atoms out of fruit and vegetables, using horse-racing to explain electricity, or jumping off the sofa to understand gravity and momentum. I love explaining science in a way that brings simplicity, clarity and understanding to others.


My students tell me I bring creativity, fun, empathy, openness, warmth and life-experience to my teaching.  As the eldest of seven children, the youngest of whom is now 16, I have a natural understanding and affinity towards young people.

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