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Here's Some of My Radio Interviews and Podcasts

Radio interviews:
  • BBC Radio 4's Inside Science: choosing a scientist for the new £50 note, November 2018

  • Radio WORKS World interview Free to Cry: about my life, career and women in STEM, Oct 2017

  • BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour: the politics of crying in the workplace, July 2016

  • BBC Radio 5 live’s Daily Bacon: topical science news stories, and explaining atoms and molecules, 2015

  • BBC Radio Wales Lynne Bowles Show: my work as a science communicator and my shows at the Hay Festival, May 2016

  • BBC Radio 5 live: the Tim Hunt story on sexism in science, June 2015

  • BBC Radio 4’s Last Word: the importance of the work of Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Frederick Sanger and cancer geneticist Janet D. Rowley, 2013

  • BBC Radio 4's Feedback: my experience of the BBC Expert Women media training day, Jan 2013.
  • LBC Radio: science education
  • BBC World Service's BBC Newshour: the new LEGO female scientist figurines
  • BBC Radio Gloucestershire: my 'flying car' demonstrations at Cheltenham Science Festival, May 2015
  • BBC Radio Scotland: my Royal Institution YouTube tickling video, and various science news stories, April 2015
  • Liz Barclay: science education and why there are so few women in science, Jan 2013






  • Eggology Club podcast - Series 1 Episode 11: interview on freezing my eggs (from 15mins onwards), Sept 2017

  • Regular guest on the Guardian Science Weekly podcast, discussing topical news stories such as genetic testing kit, climate change, gut bacteria, prostate cancer, 3-parent embryos, zebrafish, and dog brains, 2013-2015

  • Special guest on The Guilty Feminist podcast, episode on crying. November 2016

  • Story Collider: Why science needs people who cry, September 2016

  • Voice of Oxford University Press' online resource MyMaths, an online resource of 400 narrated videos showing worked solutions to maths problems.


Radio WORKS World Interview:
Free to Cry

An interview about my life and career, women in STEM, and crying in science. 

October 2017

Eggology Club Podcast:  Series 1 Episode 11

I was a special guest on this episode of The Eggology Club podcast - from 15mins onwards I am being interviewed about my experience of freezing my eggs. Click the picture to listen. Sept 2017

The Guilty Feminist Podcast:
Episode on Crying

I was a special guest on this episode of The Guilty Feminist podcast on crying. Click the picture to listen. December 2016

Story Collider Podcast:
Women In Science and Online Misogyny

I share my personal story of the abuse I received after I went on TV to defend women in science. December 2016

BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour:
The Politics of Crying in the Workplace

Nell Frizell and I are interviewed by Jane Garvey about whether it's OK to cry at work, and what you should do if you see someone crying. 4th July 2016

BBC Radio Wales Lynn Bowles Show:

Lynn interviews me about science communication, women in science, and what inspired my love of science. I also give a sneak preview of some of my favourite weird and wonderful science facts ahead of my upcoming shows at The Hay Festival. 20th May 2016

Late Night Newshour:
Tim Hunt and Sexism in science

An interview on BBC Radio 5 live's Late Night Newshour about Tim Hunt comments "the trouble with girls is when you criticise them they cry". I discuss why this comment could be damaging, at 1min52. 10th June 2015

BBC Radio 4's Last Word

A compilation of clips where I explain the work of Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Frederick Sanger and cancer geneticist Janet D Rowley. 22nd November 2013 / 10th January 2014

Liz Barclay Interview: women in science

A selection of clips of an interview with Liz Barclay about science education, my role as a teacher in encouraging more girls to study science, and why I feel there there are still so few women in science. January 2013.

Guardian Science Weekly podcast:
gut bacteria

I am a regular guest on the Guardian Science Weekly podcast. Here I discuss the potential of our gut bacteria - yes, poo! - as diagnostic markers for disease. 17th February 2014.

BBC Newshour: female scientist LEGO figurines

A piece on BBC Newshour (BBC World Service) about the new LEGO female scientist figurines. First, some children's opinions, then I give my thoughts on them at 1min35. 5th June 2014.

BBC Radio 5 live Daily Bacon:
atoms and molecules

I explain to Richard Bacon the difference between atoms, molecules, ions and compounds... and how they apply to everyday life. 24th Feb 2014

Bacon's Theory: bad memories

On Richard Bacon's weekly science show I explain how scientists have found a way to erase painful memories in mice - and the implications this may have for people with post-traumatic stress disorder. 24th Feb 2014

Guardian Science Weekly podcast:
Longitude Prize Special

We debate which 21st century problem should be the focus of the Longitude Prize. Contenders are introduced by Lord Martin Rees and Dame Sally Davis and then I kick off the discussion by fighting for antiobiotoc resistance (at 20mins).

20th June 2014.

A Selection of Clips of Some Of My Podcasts and Radio Interviews:

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