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Here's me!

A selection of professional headshots and fun adventure snaps, and some images from my various TV appearances

(for high res versions please click image to enlarge, or contact me)


Emily at home

IMG_8607 full small.jpeg

Emily the adventurer

Emily as presenter, public speaker, and workshop leader

Emily as verifier on Duck Quacks Don't Echo

Sk1's celebrity fact-based panel show, hosted by Lee Mack

Emily on ITV's The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Resident science expert - discussing science news, explaining the science behind household objects, and answering viewers' questions


Emily on the News

Some stills from my various interviews on Sky News about why there are still so few women in science careers, and how to encourage more girls to study maths and science at school.

Emily on ITV's This Morning
Explaining the genetics of how a black mum had a white baby!

Emily on London Live

Fun times on the panel of London Live's Not The One Show



Emily on Channel 4's Food Unwrapped

Doing a fun experiment to show that Brussels sprouts really do taste sweeter after a frost! Cold temperatures trigger living sprouts to convert their starch to sugar, which acts as a natural anti-freeze, making them 'frost tolerant', along with cabbages and other brassicas.

Emily on The Cosmic Genome

My interview on Robin Ince's science magazine app, about why I love teaching science



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