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Here's What Some Of my Students and Their Parents Say About Me

“Emily is one of the most intelligent girls that I have been privileged to teach. She was an outstanding student. Emily is not only intelligent but full of charm and character. She has tutored a student of mine whose confidence has improved and so has her attitude as well as her levels of achievement!”​

Lynn Frank, maths teacher at South Hampstead High School for over 25 years

​“Emily has such confident way of simplifying the complicated; which in turn made my daughter, for once, believe in her maths. She got an A on her GCSE exam. Thank you so much!"

Marlene, Arts Psychotherapist, August 2017

“Not only did Emily make biology A-Level accessible and interesting to our son, but she was one of the key people to help re-establish his confidence. She had a warm, friendly, humorous way of dealing with him and was always there if he had questions. Emily transmits real passion for her subject and a great empathy with her students. She has academic authority but is also young and 'in touch' enough to know how to relate to teenagers. Our son went on to get an A-grade and to study Marine Biology at university. We will always be grateful to Emily for the excellence of both the pastoral and academic care that she took of him. She is an expert, vivacious, positive, can-do teacher, without a trace of academic cynicism or world-weariness. We would recommend her in a heartbeat. If mortar boards were Michelin stars, we'd give Emily three.”

Georgina Cave, interior designer

“Emily has a rare talent which is to make the very complex very simple.  She does this with good humour and makes the lessons fun and enjoyable. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and have done so to numerous friends who have been equally impressed.”

Milly Ayliffe, solicitor -  two daughters tutored in  GCSE science and A-Level maths

“In a short space of time, my son's Common Entrance grades went from under 50% to 74% in one of the papers he sat. Emily is young, fresh, professional, extremely enthusiastic about her subject and makes it seem effortless to the child she is teaching. I have recommended Emily to friends of mine and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs help in any area related to mathematics.”

Honourable Mrs Piers Portman, company director

“Emily, you are a miracle worker. In 4 months you tutored our daughter to GCSE maths success. She felt you were the first tutor who helped her to understand and apply the understanding. We are very grateful to you and would highly recommend you. As a parent I found you very approachable, and understanding. You were always willing to make time to talk to me. Thank you for your patience and understanding. With our thanks and gratitude.”

Caron Barruw, psychotherapist

“It was amazing how in a short period, Emily covered the entire syllabus for both chemistry and physics. Her teaching method was very organised and my daughter felt a lot more confident going into her exams than she would have with any other teacher. She got A*s in both subjects. They worked well together and developed a good bond. I would definitely call up Emily again in an instant, she was a pleasure to meet and I highly recommend her as a tutor.”

Jyoti Hirji - daughter home-schooled in GCSE science

"Both we, and more importantly, our daughter, found Emily to be friendly and very easy to engage with. She was articulate and easy to understand. Her teaching skills were fun, gently pushing our daughter to exceed above her years, and gave her the extra confidence and assistance she needed at the time. She was certainly able to fit back into her maths class with ease upon her return to school.  Our daughter said of Emily, 'I was able to learn really quickly with her and found the lessons challenging, fun and interesting – she was bubbly and had loads of enthusiasm”. I would certainly employ Emily again. I would also recommend her to others who are looking for someone who is clever enough to master any maths task required, but who is also able to capture a young mind and engage it in a subject from which many shy away.  She is a very skilled teacher and I wish I had been given the opportunity to be taught by someone with such obvious skills.'”

Harriet Strevens, partner at DAC Beachcroft LLP (solicitors) - daughter home-schooled in maths, year 8

"I learnt more in one lesson with Emily than I did in ten lessons with my normal teacher. Now it makes sense as opposed to something I've just been told"

Zoe, year 11 - GCSE biology

“What an amazing teacher you are!! My daughter has found your GCSE biology lessons extremely helpful and feels like she has learnt so much in such a short time. You have been incredibly accommodating and from the feedback I have had, your lessons are productive, enjoyable, thorough and fun. You are an absolute star!! Many, many, thanks - may your halo keep shining!!”

Alison Green

“Maths has always been my son's weakest subject and it seemed as though he had 'given up'. Emily totally revived his interest in the subject and consequently his confidence and his marks have steadily improved, and, amazingly, he even enjoys the subject! Emily is an extremely organised, professional and friendly person to deal with and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.”​

Penny Epshon, yoga teacher

"Emily engenders enthusiasm and instils confidence in her pupils. More than this, she gets children who favour the arts to love the sciences. With Emily's help, our daughter hasn't just upped her game - she's actually started really enjoying the subjects that Emily teaches her.  In just a few sessions, her physics mark went up by 20%."


Caroline Phillips, journalist and PR consultant

"I found it very easy to relate to Emily. She's such an open person it would be hard for anyone not to"​

Frankie, year 9 - GCSE maths and science

"I went to college to learn science, I came to Emily to understand it"


Hannah Bowley, mature student and business intelligence analyst for John Lewis - A-Level chemistry, physics and biology

If you'd like to see more testimonials or references, or speak to students, parents or teachers who are happy to speak to you about me, please ask.

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