Hi, I’m Emily, and I love science!


I’m an expert in molecular biology and genetics, with a Double First in Natural Sciences from Queens' College Cambridge and a PhD in cancer research. I also trained and worked as an actress and singer, and as a maths and science teacher, and I now combine my skills as a science communicator, broadcaster, public speaker, author, trainer and activist.


I talk about science on the TV and radio, I give inspirational talks in schools, universities and at live events, I write books and articles about science, and I help others to communicate clearly about their work. My aim is to show people just how exciting science is, and to make it more accessible by explaining complex concepts in a fun and engaging way.


I also use my voice and my platform to raise awareness about important issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss, the value of emotions in the workplace, gender and sexuality, and egg freezing and women's fertility .

I am passionate about changing the perception of what it is to be a scientist and I campaign to increase diversity by encouraging more young people, especially girls, to choose careers in science. I enjoy sharing my experiences as a woman in science - such as challenges I have faced around sexism, lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and mental health issues - in such a way that might support and inspire others to reach their potential and attain their goals.

I was recently named as the second Honorary STEM Ambassador, alongside astronaut Tim Peake, for my work in STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and as a role-model to young people.


For a summary of my recent work, please see my professional biog under ABOUT and the section on current and upcoming projects below.

From Complexity to Clarity...

I specialise in using imaginative analogies to help visualise and explain complex scientific concepts. I love bringing simplicity and clarity to others - that light-bulb moment when it all makes sense. I think of myself as a translator, a bridge between the scientific community and the public.

“Emily has a rare talent which is to make the very complex very simple."

Milly Ayliffe, solicitor, and parent

"Emily is a fantastic speaker; informative, fun, passionate and knowledgeable. She is a natural communicator and managed a multi-generational 400 person crowd with ease. We loved having her speak and would recommend her for any community or event that would like to hear about where feminism, science and communication come together. She is an inspiration."

Ruth Moir, Community Creator, Sunday Assembly London

"If ever there was a woman who could capture the imagination of young and old alike to engage with STEM subjects it is Dr Grossman."

Mary C. Sykes, Manager of BOBW Ltd

“Passionate, articulate, charismatic, informed, personable... Emily is a  phenomenal speaker. Could have heard a pin drop!"     

Penny Godfrey, Teacher

Redmaids' High School, Bristol

”Emily has been a lively and brilliant contributor to our TeenTech events. She brings science to life in a very engaging way for young people and is very professional and reliable in her approach.”
Maggie Philbin OBE

“Emily is an excellent speaker and really knows how to engage kids – and parents – in the most fascinating and wacky parts of science”
Sarah Fairbairn, Production Manager Jewish Book Week

“Emily is an incredible presenter and an inspiring role model for everyone”
Dr William Whittow, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University

"I went to college to learn science; I came to Emily to understand it"

Hannah Bowley, student

“Emily is a great science communicator. She combines her personal story with her contagious scientific enthusiasm in a compelling way, and her engagement with the audience encourages them not only to understand what she is telling them but to believe that they can be successful scientists too.”
Dawn Bonfield MBE, Former President of the Women’s Engineering Society

Emily as the Resident Science Expert on The Alan Titchmarsh Show, ITV

Emily as a Verifier on Duck Quacks Don't Echo, Sky1

To watch clips from these shows and many other media appearances please see my TV clips page or my YouTube channel


Looking for an experienced TV, radio or print broadcaster who is qualified to explain science or discuss important issues in an approachable, engaging, and appealing style?


Hoping to inspire your students to get into science? Need a guest speaker or host for your event who has a compelling personal story and ideas to share on a range of current issues?


Fancy reading a book of fun science facts? An accessible guide to the climate and ecological crisis? An article about the brain or obesity? Or a story about why I decided to freeze my eggs? 


Preparing for a talk, interview, presentation or media appearance? Need some help with getting your ideas across clearly and engagingly or speaking with confidence? 

Why Science Needs People Who Cry - Tedx UCL, December 2015

In June 2015 I took part in a debate on Sky News following Sir Tim Hunt's comments on women in STEM. One of the points I made was that it's OK for female scientists to cry. Following the interview I received a torrent of sexist and misogynistic abuse on social media, documented in this talk I gave at the Feminism in London conference. Six months later, this TEDx talk at UCL was my response. In the talk I discuss the need to dispel the outdated stereotype that all scientists are cold, unemotional... and male. A stereotype that prevents many young people, especially girls, from seeing a place for themselves in science. I examine the value of emotions in science and in society, in both men and in women, and I explore how emotional openness can lead to three Cs; Compassion, Collaboration and Creativity - qualities that are as essential in science as they are in life.

"Brilliant public speaker and a great advocate for humanity. This talk should be compulsory to watch in schools."

Mike Thompson, YouTube user

“Passionate, courageous and present. Emily is a potent presenter”
Malcolm Stern, Director of

News: here are some of my current and upcoming projects

Current Projects:

Brain-Fizzing Facts CVR[1] copy.jpg

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“A mixture of witty narrative, some dreadful puns - all very attractively parcelled... If this book doesn't encourage a new race of young scientists then nothing will.”

Irish Examiner, August 31st 2019

Click here to read full review

"This book should live on every teacher’s desk, and every school librarian’s so that you can randomly read bits out. It should be in every kitchen for random reading aloud moments, every car for breaking up boring journeys, and every bathroom for those..ermmm…. longer stays…."

Dawn Finch, author and children’s librarian

Click here to read full review

  • I am currently writing a new kids' book, World-whizzing Facts: Awesome Earth Questions Answered - which includes content on understanding climate change and wildlife loss what we can all do to help - to be published in May 2021. Pre-order your copy now.

  • I was a member of the Bank of England Banknote Advisory Committee who chose Alan Turing to be the face of the new polymer £50 note. You can listen here to an interview I did on BBC Radio 4's Inside Science about the campaign or you can watch interviews I gave on Sky News and Channel 5 News. Watch a video here of the Bank of England Committee sharing our thoughts about the selection process, watch an interview I gave on Sky News about why we chose Turing, or read an opinion piece I wrote in The Guardian about it.

  • At the 2017 STEM Inspiration Awards at The House of Lords, I was named as the second Honorary STEM Ambassador alongside astronaut Tim Peake, for my work in STEM education and as a role model to young women. Honorary STEM Ambassadors are representatives of the 30,000 STEM Ambassadors across the UK, and stand as champions for the importance of STEM education.

  • I was a resident member of the panel of experts for Sky1's celebrity panel show Duck Quacks Don't Echo hosted by Lee Mack. You can catch previous episodes from all six series on repeat. I was also the resident science expert on ITV's The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

  • On my YouTube Channel you can find numerous media interviews, as well as a short film I wrote and presented for Visit Guernsey on the science behind how to have a happy holiday, a series called Cinema Science I wrote and presented for for BBC BritLab taking a look at the science behind what goes on in the movies, and a series on The Senses for The Royal Institution. The episode on How To Stop Yourself Being Ticklish has received over 430,000 views.

  • I am an ambassador for the Jewish Genetic Disorders charity Jnetics (presenting talks and workshops in Jewish secondary schools across London to raise awareness about the importance of genetic testing), an ambassador for the new charity Inspiring Engineering (a website to inspire young people into engineering professions), and a Patron of the Aspergillosis Trust patient advocacy group.

  • I am a Patron of Kinetic Adventure and Kinetic Science, and a member of their Advisory Board.

  • I am a Sheffield Methods Institute (SMI) visiting Fellow at the University of Sheffield - my role involves providing communication skills training events, giving talks and lectures to staff and students, and being a member of the SMI Advisory Board.

  • I have been trained to deliver the WISE Campaign's People Like Me STEM careers workshops for girls aged 11-14.

Calendar of Upcoming Events and Projects:

  • 7th March: Athena Swan talk at Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick for International Women’s Day on Secrets of Success

  • 11th March: Talk at Northwood School on Too Sensitive for Science?

  • 12th March: Talk at Newstead Wood School on How to Build a Human

  • 13th March: Talk at Middlesex University STEM Festival on Dr Emily’s Weird and Wonderful Science Facts

  • 20th March: Talks at Bolton School on Dr Emily’s Weird and Wonderful Science Facts and Too Sensitive for Science?

  • 21st March: Panel discussion on Polyamory for Exeter University Feminism Society

  • 27th and 28th March: Maths and Beyond schools’ event at the University of Warwick - keynote talks on Lies Damned Lies and Newspapers.

  • 1st-2nd April: 2-day Communication Skills Training course for the School of Science at Loughborough University

  • 24th April: Half-day masterclass on Science Communication for Researchers at The Crick Institute

  • 26th April: Talk on Extinction Rebellion with Kimwei McCarthy in Exeter

  • 9th May: Warwick Manufacturing Group at Warwick University – 2 half-day Communication Skills Workshops for master’s students

  • 10th May: Barnes Children’s Literature FestivalDr Emily’s Weird and Wonderful Science Facts show

  • 15th May: Queen Anne’s School Caversham – talks on Lies Damned Lies and Newspapers and Dr Emily’s Weird and Wonderful Science Facts

  • 15th May: Keynote talk at HSBC's Women on the Wharf event on Imposter Syndrome

  • 20th May: Keynote talk on Diversity and Inclusivity and half-day communication skills training workshop for Siemens Warwick

  • 21st May: Cardiff University Doctoral Academy – one-day training course on Successfully Communicating The Impact of Your Work

  • 4th June: Panel member at Sex Club: Polyamory event

  • 6th June: Host for LAUNCH: Great West awards ceremony, Grand Mercure Hotel Bristol

  • 15th June: Two family shows on Dr Emily's Brain-Fizzing Facts for Discovery Day at The Crick Institute.

  • 25th June: 2-hour workshop on Presentation Skills for PhD Students at the ENCODS 2019 Neuroscience Conference at The Crick Institute

  • 2nd July: Talk on Secrets of Success for Chevron London Women's Employee Network.

  • 5th July: Keynote talk on Lies, Damned Lies and Newspapers at the Further Maths Support Programme’s Taking Maths Further event at Bedfordshire University

  • 19th July: After-dinner talk on Secrets of Success at CRUK Cambridge Annual Graduate Symposium

  • 8th August: Talk and workshop on What Turns You On?; Understanding your needs and how to get them met at the Osho Leela Summer Sexuality Gathering.

  • 9th August: Talk and workshop on Do You See Me? The healing power of being seen for who you truly area at the Osho Leela Summer Sexuality Gathering.

  • 15th August: Talk and workshop on What Turns You On? The Science of Sexual Arousal; Understanding your needs and how to get them met at The Summer House Weekend.

  • 10th-11th Sept: 2-day communication and media skills training course for postgraduate mathematicians at the Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information at the University of Cambridge.

  • 12th Sept: Guest speaker at Durham High School for Girls’ Speech Day

  • 11th Sept: Morning assembly at Bourn C of E Primary School on The Natural World: What We Can Do To Protect It.

  • 18th Sept: Book launch for Brain-Fizzing Facts: Awesome Science Questions Answered at Hatchards Piccadilly, 6.30-8.30pm. All welcome - to attend please email Beatrice.Cross@bloomsbury.com.

  • 21st Sept: Panel chair for Into The Unknown and interviewer for The Arc of Life: Martin Rees at HowTheLightGetsIn festival at Kenwood House in London.

  • 23rd Sept: Guest speaker at the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine’s annual scientific meeting, Bristol

  • 9th Oct: Brain-Fizzing Facts - live show based on my new book, at Durham Book Festival

  • 12th Oct: Brain-Fizzing Facts - live show based on my new book, at Peterborough STEM Festival

  • 6th Nov: Fun and interactive public talk on What Turns You On? The Science of Sexual Arousal - Understanding Your Needs and How to Get Them Met at The Apple Tree, 7pm. Click here for tickets.

  • 8th Nov: Talk on How to Build a Human – Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at A-Level Biology in Action, Emmanuel Centre London

  • 18th Nov: The Fat Controller talk on obesity, diabetes and cutting edge weight-loss techniques (with my dad Professor Ashley Grossman) at A-Level Biology in Action, Emmanuel Centre London

  • 26th Nov: Talk on The Fat Controller at A-Level Biology in Action, Warwick

  • 10th Dec: Talk on Lies, Damned Lies and Newspapers at GCSE Maths in Action, Salford

  • 30th Jan 2020: Cardiff University Doctoral Academy – one-day training course on Successfully Communicating The Impact of Your Work

  • 2nd February 2020: Brain-Fizzing Facts - live show based on my new book, for Jewish Book Week

  • 5th March 2020: Talk on Lies, Damned Lies and Newspapers at GCSE Maths in Action, London

  • 14th March 2020: Brain-Fizzing Facts – live show based on my new book, at Cambridge Science Festival

  • 9th May 2020: Brain-Fizzing Facts live show based on my new book, at Chipping Campden Festival

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Some Recent Media Interviews

You can read about my personal story and my views by clicking on these recent media interviews and articles (and click on images to read):


You can also watch or listen to my personal story and my views here:

"Emily is an inspirational tour de force of energy in motion. I think she is so empathetic and encouraging because she has walked in the shoes of the young women she teaches and mentors”​

Christina Tock, teacher and parent

“Emily is a fantastic public speaker. She delivers her speech with passion and her emotional openness and honesty give her a distinctive and lovable character.”
Farideh Honorary, Professor of Physics and chair of the Lancaster University Athena SWAN committee.

"Emily was a stellar member of our International Day of the Girl panel. Her own experience, informed opinions and insight and enthusiasm for her chosen area of work really brought to life the phrase #breakthebarriers and elevated the evening hugely. Her resonance with all of those young (and older!!) women was fab to see and the way she handled questions and responded to comments both on and off the stage will have left lots of people with food for thought and feeling inspired!"

Dianne Stradling, Plan International UK

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